Supporting the Community

What Will My Child Learn?​

Smartland Boutique Early Learning believe children who learn that helping others makes the community a better place for everyone usually commit themselves to a lifetime of community service. A community is more than just a location or a collection of individuals who happen to love or work in the same place. Smartland believes creating a ‘sense of community’ is an important part of what we do. Strong links with the local community provides us with invaluable resources and information to enhance the learning. By drawing on community knowledge and expertise, we are better able to understand the children and families with whom they work, and better able to provide children with learning experiences that are meaningful and relevant to their lives.

Just think about the impact your children can make in their community and the world! We feel that teaching young children about communities is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • It helps children recognise the importance of communities and the roles people play within communities
  • It helps create a sense of place, familiarity, and security It helps foster stewardship and the knowledge that along with citizenship comes certain responsibilities
  • It helps children recognise and respect cultural diversity

Just Some Of The Ways We Are Involved In Our Local Community At Smartland Boutique Early Learning:

  • Local excursions including visits to all local schools
  • Participating in and contributing to community events
  • Invitations to community members and organisations to meet the children
  • Community group meeting attendance
  • Regular library visits
  • Emergency services and professional services visits to the centre
  • Local MP visits and regular communication with local government groups. 

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